E-mail settings for SKY broadband

Google are now providing the technology and servers for the Sky e-mail service (addresses ending in @sky.com).

The Sky e-mail webpage has the same interface and capabilities as Google Mail/Gmail except that every occurrence of the word Google has been replaced by the word Sky!

Existing customers of Sky who use an e-mail client to get their mail have found that suddenly their account settings are wrong and they cannot send or receive mail.

They need to log in to the Sky e-mail webpage (start at www.sky.com and left click on Email & Tools). When the Mail page opens, left click on Settings and then on Forwarding and POP.

In the POP Download section select one of the two “Enable POP” options and then left click the Save Changes button.

Then, under Configure your email client, left click “Configuration instructions”. A new page will open and you should select your particular Mail Client.

Before following the instructions to configure your mail program, go back to the Sky mail page and logout - otherwise you may not be able to test your changes successfully.

Follow the setting instructions exactly - Google (and hence Sky) e-mail uses unusual settings which must be set correctly. Some of the instructions are not quite right - a single set covers Outlook Express and Outlook 2002, but is not quite right for either of them. But you should be able to work it out.