Use a Modem for Sky Broadband

Sky provide a Wireless Modem Router to their broadband customers and don’t want them to use any other method to connect to their service. (This makes their online support easier.) They also don’t want you to be able to use the router that they provide with any other broadband service. So they preconfigure the router with your personal username and password to connect to only their service.

New Sky customers receive a Sagem Router but older customers will have a Netgear Router.

But if you don’t want or need to use the Sky router it might be possible to use an old broadband modem (Speedtouch and Sagem are the commonest) instead - providing that you know the username and password for your broadband connection. This used to be the same as the Sky e-mail username and password but recent customers are now not told their username and password for the broadband connection, instead they are given a username and password only for Sky e-mail and this will not work for the broadband connection.

If on your welcome letter you have a username ending in @sky.com then you can use a modem instead, but if not then you cannot because they won’t tell you the broadband username and password.

So if you know your Sky broadband username and password then read on:

The modem drivers are probably already installed if this is your old modem, but if not, install them.
Connect the modem
Set up a new internet connection using the modem and the Sky logon as follows:

    Start, (Settings), Control Panel, (Network and Internet Connections), Internet Options
    Connections, Add, Dial-up to private network, Next
    Phone number: 0 (that's zero, not letter O)
    Type a name that you want for this connection, Finish
    Enter User name and Password, (check that no boxes are ticked on this page)
    Left click Properties
    Check that it has selected the Broadband modem, if not select it,
    OK, OK,
    Check that your new connection is the default and that "Always dial my default connection" is selected,